22 February 2013


Now available. But see also http://camelchaser.blogspot.com

CAMELOGUE is a photographic chronicle of chasing camels in Arabic countries encumbered only by gender, age, opportunity, and gentle delusions of worldly insight. Yearning for an exotic break from your computer screen? Remember books

Now you too can impersonate a globe-trotter without the sunscreen and sand in your toes. Read about cool rides in warm climates. Mildly thrilling adventures guaranteed not to spike your blood pressure or pacemaker. Family-friendly, educational material ... if they can handle an occasional sarcastic edge :-) Highly recommended for animal lovers. Cribbed and revised from numerous past and future blog posts and my travel journals—Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan. Not an e-book. No royalties. 

Brought to you in living colour if you buy online from the print-on-demand geniuses at ShopMyBook
http://www.shopmybook.com/en/Brenda-Dougall-Merriman/CAMELOGUE (“Travel” category). 89 whole pages. For about the same price as a bucket of KFC and less fattening.

No more excuses to avoid my family history.

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