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This is the 4th edition of Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records
(Toronto: Ontario Genealogical Society, 2008).
OGS Publications.

United Empire Loyalists: A Guide to Tracing Loyalist Ancestors in Upper Canada (Milton, ON: Global Heritage Press, 2006). Also available in hard cover.
The book won the prestigious National Genealogical Society's 2008 Award for Excellence: Genealogical Methods and Sources:
“Presented to an individual or nonprofit organization for a specific, significant single contribution in the form of a book, an article, or a series of articles published during the past three years that discusses genealogical methods and sources and serves to foster scholarship and/or otherwise advances or promotes excellence in genealogy.” 
Global Genealogy is a website of many goodies for the family historian ... publisher, bookseller, and producer of the electronic Global Gazette.

The 2010 edition of Genealogical Standards of Evidence was co-published by Dundurn Press and the Ontario Genealogical Society ... one of the first choices for Dundurn's "Genealogist's Reference Shelf" series.

The "GSE" revised manuscript was peer-reviewed. The Board for Certification of Genealogists includes it as a Self Study Recommendation at "Educational Preparation" on their website.

I include this book in my opus although it is long out of print. It resulted from several years of research on behalf of Henry Newton Rowell (Hal) Jackman, who during that research period became Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (1991-1994). Being the Honourary Patron of the Ontario Genealogical Society, he agreed they could publish a portion of the research. The book dwelt only on the first emigrants, the "Canadian patriarchs" in many ancestral families: Jackman, Lillywhite, Wray, Rutherford, Campbell, Freeborn, Rowell, Green, Coyne, Gardiner, Langford, Rich, and Street. My long association developed with the Jackman Foundation and WordForce in The Petworth Project. Of surname interest is the later "companion" book by my colleague Leigh Lawson, The Jackman Family in West Sussex, 1565-1836

My personal family histories, so long neglected! My "family books" are done in word-processing where I am comfortable--more or less--with the NGSQ genealogy format. My decision was to go with an online company for print-on-demand self-publishing. I am still learning from the goofs I made with the first one ... and unfortunately, finding the inevitable publication error or two. However it's possible to make revisions and re-submit a manuscript. The company was originally called Unibook. It was changed to ShopMyBook: In their "Book Shop" section, search for Merriman.

Ancestors and Descendants of Donald McFadyen and Flory McLean from Isle of Coll, Scotland to River Denys, Nova Scotia. (December 2010). 73 pp., illustrated.
Not exactly an impressive cover but the title is essential for telling you precisely what it's about and internet-whatsis searching and identification. The "custom" colour looks a bit streaky when in hand. Worst of all, I neglected to add the lovely photo of  Cape Breton for the cover. And some fonts I used in the front page turned out ugly/weird. How to add family charts of larger size than the chosen dimensions is also a problem. But I'm pleased the photographs turned out so well.
US $21.05.


 Ancestors and Descendants of John DOUGALL and Marion HASTIE from Midlothian, Scotland to Argenteuil County, Quebec. (January 2011). 59 pp., illustrated.
The first two generations are fairly well documented. After the second generation I follow mainly the descendants of Peter Robinson Dougall (Peter2, John1, ThomasA, JohnB). We know those little numbers and letters are supposed to be superscript, right? This time I remembered the cover photo but should have placed the title up top, not obliterating the heart of the Heart. ShopMyBook spreads a cover photo over the entire front cover instead of framing it in a nice neat little box. I do have a Dougall CHART the size of which was problematic to reproduce in the book, so please contact me for a copy of it: brendadougallmerriman -at- gmail. US $18.98

My Latvian Ancestors. (May 2011). 72 pp., illustrated.  $22.00.
The ShopMyBook process would not allow me to add the cover sub-title on separate lines:
    FREIBERGS from Ķonēni, Marzingshof Estate, Riga District,
    JURIKAS in Krūmiņi, Ladenhof Estate, Limbaži District
                               and Allied Families

Never mind, it's all there inside. With the help of new friends, good researchers, many relatives--who speak and read languages I don't know--and the amazing digitization of Latvian and Estonian historical records, we have reached back about 300 years. I can say proudly my children and their cousins have Baltic genes extending for at least ten generations. I say Baltic, because the Jurikas origins reach back into mediaeval Livonian mists of what is modern Estonia.

"Family memories, overseas researchers, and modern technology enabled a genealogical glimpse into life under Russian Imperial, then Soviet, rule. This book is a tribute to hardship scarcely imaginable from our Canadian distance of place and time. It is also a celebration of nine generations from serfdom to freedom."